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Simple Tips and Tricks

First step to any device issue

Unplug both the device in question and your modem for 30 seconds before reconnecting them. Most issues fix themselves when devices reset.

Devices can’t connect to the network

Make sure devices are connected to 2.4Ghz Network.

Upgrade to a better wireless router, and make sure your Zigbee and/or Z-Wave devices aren’t too far apart. Your wireless router is the backbone of your smart home, and if you haven’t upgraded in a while, your trusty old router will probably have a hard time keeping up with so many devices on the network. 

How do I share the controls of my smart home in the Google Home app

Only invite people you trust to become home members. When someone becomes a member of a home, they can control and change any aspect of your smart home.

Open the Google Home app.

At the top, tap Add and then Invite home member or Add home member.

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and then tap Confirm.

You cannot add a member with:

G Suite account

Google Account for children under 13

A maximum of six people can share a home.

Cameras activates at the wrong times

Take advantage of “smart zones” and features like human recognition. Many smart cameras can ignore certain parts of your home or yard that experience frequent motion, and some include toggles for a feature where you’ll be alerted only if an unidentified person is detected in the frame. 

Light bulbs won’t turn on

Make sure the wall switch (or light switch) is turned ON. Because the smart bulbs need constant power in order to be used via an app or voice-assistant, you would want to leave the bulbs powered on via the wall switch or fixture. 

Device drains its batteries too fast

Check your device’s settings and make sure you’re in range of a good Wi-Fi signal. Moving your devices just a few feet closer to your home’s network can have a dramatic impact on their battery life.

Google Home doesn't recognize my voice

Use Voice Match to teach your Assistant your voice again.

Ecobee thermostat is not connecting to my WiFi anymore

On the thermostat, tap on the MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > WIFI to open the Wi-Fi configuration screen. On this screen, make sure Wi-Fi Radio is Enabled and tap on Network. You will have the choice of using an iOS device or manually selecting your Wi-Fi network. If you do not have an iOS device, tap on Select Wi-Fi Network. Find your Wi-Fi name on the list provided. Type in your Wi-Fi Password and hit Connect.

Ecobee thermostat is not recognizing my AC

To reconfigure your equipment, go to:


Next, the ecobee will display all of the detected wires. Check to see if Y1 is highlighted—if it isn't, select "No" in the bottom left corner when it asks you if the wiring is correct.

You will see the option for "Modify" in the bottom right corner—select this, then manually select the Y1 terminal. Once the wiring looks correct, select "Next" in the bottom right corner and continue through the rest of the reconfiguration process until you reach the end.

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